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Magic Sink Rack

Color - black

Magic Sink Rack

The Magic Sink Rack is a compact, industrial kitchen gadget which maximizes your kitchen's efficiency and functionality. 

With three simple yet elegant color designs, the Magic Sink Rack combines functionality with elegance to complete any kitchen with its universal design


Rethink what your kitchen space once was and discover how this gadget will transform your kitchen. The convenient over-the-sink design maximizes kitchen space and improves efficiency.

The flat universal design allows you to wash, prepare, and dry produce as well as dishes to maximize your kitchen space. Experience the countless benefits for yourself - we're only naming a few! 

Healthy home product

Rinse fresh fruit and veggies to wash away bacteria and germs to maintain a healthy and clean kitchen. The innovative over-the-sink design eliminates dipping on countertops preventing bacteria to grow. 

Say goodbye to water drips, bench stains, and clutter, and say hello to your safe, newly transformed kitchen. 

High Quality

See lasting results with the premium 304 stainless steel design, built to withstand whatever storm is being cooked up, or washed away.

Its high bearing capacity to drain numbers of dishes or foods at one time in marriage with the TPU coated grip ensures steady long-lasting performance.


  • Made of Premium 304 stainless steel   
  • 100% Food safe FDA grade silicon
  • Heat resistant up to 400°F
  • Holds up to 40lbs
  • The pipe can be removed easily to fit different sink dimensions
  • (15" x 11") & (18.5" x 11") in size